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About RentGuard

In an ideal real estate market, there is trust and promises kept. To help you in this endeavour, we give you RentGuard!


RentGuard Tenant Verification Service

In an ideal real estate market, there is trust and promises kept. However, as a tenant, a landlord or a real estate agent, you have certainly encountered an unforeseen and/or unpleasant situation at least once.


Will he/she pay the rent and bills on time?

Is this tenant right for me?

Will he/she take care of my property?


Will this landlord be intrusive?

Will this landlord be responsible for any malfunctions?

Will I get my deposit back?

These are just some of the questions we hear everywhere when it comes to renting real estate. In order to eliminate any uncertainty that may arise, we created the first professional service in Romania for checking tenants. We also know that in order to complete a lease contract, both parties need to be involved and accountable. Thus, we decided to give voice to the tenants, who, through a system of scoring and referencing, will be able to share their previous contractual experiences with each other.

RentGuard was not designed to compete with real estate agencies, but on the contrary, it is a tool that helps them to complete the list of services offered to meet market requirements.

Finally, we will be able to filter visionary and serious “actors” from irresponsible and speechless ones. Only then will we be able to build a better future.



To become the reference tool of the real estate sector dedicated to rents, through which all parties involved (landlords, tenants or real estate agencies) will make documented and informed decisions in order to create stability (contractual, but also financial) and predictability, through which will strengthen long-lasting relationships between the parties, based on mutual responsibility and trust.



We provide support and security through a centralised system, which is unique in the country, where landlords, tenants and real estate agencies operate transparently throughout the rental process.



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Why RentGuard?

Advantages for Landlords

Advantages for Landlords

✔ informed decisions

✔ you collaborate with trusted people

✔ you avoid delays in paying rent, respectively financial blockage

✔ you reduce the risks of property damage

✔ you can report malicious tenants

Advantages for Tenants

Advantages for Tenants

✔ you interact with trusted owners

✔ you have easier access to properties you want

✔ you can report intrusive owners

✔ the information provided is confidential

✔ you will start a relationship with the landlord based on proven trust

Advantages for real estate agents

Advantages for real estate agents

✔ you save time

✔ you focus on business success

✔ you reduce expenses with new employees

✔ you enter profitable partnerships

✔ you retain your customers by increasing their trust and satisfaction by offering RentGuard services

Only together will we create a healthy real estate environment, favourable to the development of long-term relationships, based on mutual responsibility and trust!