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Fidelity ✔
Responsibility ✔


Choosing a property in a budget adapted to everyone’s income reduces the possibility of financial pressure during the contract, which would implicitly lead to non-compliance with the terms and conditions.

Also, an important factor concerns the landlord-tenant relationship, where the landlord has an active role in solving and managing any unpleasant situations that may arise in connection with the condition of the property.

Involvement of agencies in this process, offering services that limit the exposure to risks on the part of both the landlord and the tenant, will make the latter return with confidence, building a long-term relationship that will generate a stable sustainable, and progressive ecosystem.

Thus, RentGuard comes with innovation in approaching the real estate rental sector, by implementing the FRI principles:

For real estate agencies – customer fidelity


For landlords – tenant responsibility


For tenants – inherence with the landlord