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Renting Guide

While renting your property, you aim for profit. Still, the process requires both good knowledges on the real estate market and its evolution, especially when you acquired the assets as an investment, as well as a set of rules and tools to accompany you during the procedure.

To give you more chances to profit and stability, we shaped a guide to rent your property, to follow you step by step during the process, offering useful, practical information.

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Renting guide – who might be interested?

This renting guide was specially structured and elaborated for a wide-ranging variety of landlords of residential properties (homes, apartments), industrial or retail spaces.


Core chapters of the guide

1. When is the right moment to rent your property?

It is not the moment itself but the factors you need to consider when you have to rent your property.

2. What is an appropriate tenant profile?
It is important to determine the right profile of tenant in accordance with your property.

3. How to prepare your property to be leased?
Improving the appearance of the house through cleaning and renovation, depersonalization to provide a
minimalist look), ventilation and pleasant odorization etc.

4. How you determine the ideal tenant profile?
As for professional help to get a tenant screening

5. Which is the best way to determine the right person for the property you rent?
By considering the area and the property profile you determine the best tenant profile

6. Which are the rights and obligations of landlords?
Make a list with legal obligations of the landlord before renting your property. Make sure you know both your rights and obligations.

7. What is the property inventory?
It is a very important and useful tool to save time, money and useless discussions at the end of the contract.

8. Why would you need a property inventory?
It is a legal and useful tool, meant to easy the collaboration between landlord and tenant.

9. How to make the inventory?
Use a template or an app (example: Imoinvent) 

10. When do you make the inventory?
Mandatory before renting the property

11. What the inventory should cover and include?
Both general state of the property and small objects

12. Top FAQ of landlords
Please check out the list HERE 

13. Which are the most common mistakes landlords make?
There are a lot of common mistakes that you should avoid; we encourage you to perform a tenant screening and to make an inventory.

14. Is it mandatory for landlords to have an inventory?
No, but experience confirms it is very useful.

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